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  • Dainik Bhaskar

    business1The post-colonial era in India saw a clear dominance of British-established English dailies. The readership leaned towards a certain type of conventional journalism. And it was in this milieu that we launched Dainik Bhaskar in 1958. With its heightened Indian sensibility and attention to colloquial nuances, Dainik Bhaskar quickly became a household name. Its style of journalism was accessible, sharp and had a quintessentially local flavour. Something India related and responded to. Soon, Dainik Bhaskar became a significant catalyst of national change in news reporting.

    Today, Dainik Bhaskar is the flagship daily of our Group and is the largest circulated daily in India (Source: ABC JD ’14). With 40 editions across 12 states, readership of approximately 1.44 crore (Source: IRS Q4 2012) and a series of editorially-altered sub-editions, Dainik Bhaskar connects with India on a vast scale.

    Divya Bhaskar

    business2The launch of Divya Bhaskar in Gujarat was a momentous step. The Group broke the language barrier with the launch of its Gujarati daily, Divya Bhaskar in 2003.

    A ground breaking twin contact survey program was conducted which addressed the readers’ demands that had been so far shunned in this market. The need of the hour was a newspaper that catered to the choices and preferences of its readers. After surveying 12,00,000 households and comprehending their readership needs, Divya Bhaskar was launched and its very first edition ran into 4.52 lakh copies, a record-breaking debut. It is now an industry benchmark and its success story has become a case study by IIM-Ahmedabad. Today, Divya Bhaskar has 7 editions across Gujarat and Maharashtra with a readership of 37.20 lakh readers. (Source IRS Q4 2012)


    Divya Marathi

    business32011 saw another foray into a regional language by the Dainik Bhaskar Group. New, independent and courageous, Dainik Divya Marathi rapidly became synonymous with the voice of Maharashtra. With its hard-hitting and bold journalism, the newspaper came to be recognised as Maharashtra’s first politically unbiased and fearless daily.

    While the main newspaper addresses larger issues of international, national and local news, politics, business and sports, a series of specialised supplements are also published. From lifestyle articles to sting operations, from modern glamour to urban problems and local grievances - Divya City, Madhurima, DB Star and Rasik cover a vast range of topics and form an integral part of our product base. These supplements concentrate on fulfilling specific readership needs and simultaneously offer advertisers a focused reach to niche target audiences.

    Growing from strength to strength in Central Maharashtra, Divya Marathi has 7 editions with a readership of 17 lakh readers. (Source IRS Q4 2012.)


    business4The new India is energetic and vivacious. The Dainik Bhaskar Group decided to reflect this persona in the news as well. DNA was launched in 2007 as India’s first all-page colour newspaper. This had an immediate impact on audiences, with its young, fresh and innovative journalism. Here was a newspaper that didn’t merely inform, but conversed. And the response catapulted DNA into an esteemed position amongst the top ten English dailies in India.

    Currently, the Group has DNA Ahmedabad and Jaipur editions in its portfolio.



    DB Star

    business5The compact daily was introduced in 2008. It is known for its investigative journalism and campaign on social issues. It also covers features on lifestyle and glamour. It is the only compact daily with select pages in English to appeal to the youth.

  • 94.3 MY FM

    radioRadio is one of India’s most-loved media platforms, with an avid audience in every part of the country. Hence, the Group ventured into this medium with the launch of 94.3 MY FM in 2006. A heart-warming channel that offers its listeners unique, innovative, relatable and exciting content, we made sure this channel had something for everyone.

    From devotional music to ghazals, new Bollywood songs to classic golden hits, talk shows especially created for women to a public forum for sharing personal, inspiring stories, and even a slot for numerology; we cover a huge range of interests, tastes and subjects.

    The result? It connected to the heart of India almost instantly. Today, 94.3 MY FM the 4th largest radio network in India as well as the largest radio network of Tier II and III cities across 7 states. The brand focuses its content around its unique proposition – Jiyo Dil Se – and inspires listeners by encouraging them to follow their heart. The refreshing, different and vibrant content guides people on how to live life to the fullest. And it is this spirit that has enabled 94.3 MY FM to command leadership in both audiences and retail market shares, while establishing itself as a household name.


    digitalThe Dainik Bhaskar Group has developed a stupendous digital leg with over 39.8 million unique users (Source: Google analytics) across its nine digital portals. DB Digital offers readers a rich online experience that includes the fastest news, exhaustive views, vibrant photography and engaging videos. Some of the portals include:

    Dainikbhaskar.com :- Largest Hindi news website | Divyabhaskar.com :- Largest Gujarati website | Divyamarathi.com :- Popular Marathi website | Dailybhaskar.com :- Premier English language website | Bollywoodbhaskar.com :- Ultimate Bollywood website | Moneybhaskar.com :- India’s First SME business website in Hindi | Fashion101.in :- India’s first multilingual fashion website | Jeevanmantra.in :- Spiritual & life management website | Dbcric.com :- Prominent cricket website

    There is a huge opportunity that lies in the Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities of India, where consumption of digital media is growing at a staggering rate of 62%. (Source: Google analytics). We tapped into this high-opportunity language news market in the digital space by developing a superlative Hindi language web platform. This delivered real time news from over 800 cities, from ground zero. The mobile category is also growing rapidly in the Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities of India. To cater to this audience, we developed mobile-friendly websites and applications for our readers and undertook unique initiatives to graduate the users to this platform. And as usual, our approach was extremely personal.

    An on-ground team visited the households and assisted the readers in downloading our mobile application. After they had successfully introduced households to the application, our teams walked them through a step-by-step journey into our digital platforms.

    This one-on-one approach received an incredible response. Our mobile application witnessed over 4.9 lakh downloads in just 6 months from its inception. The product has grown 300% over its initial version and has received a 5-star rating from industry gurus.


    magazineWe publish a series of periodicals that are especially designed to suit the reading sensibilities of the audiences. From content created especially for children to content meant for the new-age Urban Indian, our magazines and periodicals are relevant, unique and enriching.

    • Aha! Zindagi is a new-age monthly magazine that focuses on the concept of positive living. Its content combines articles for the body, mind and soul, inspiring readers to lead a fulfilling, healthy and positive life. Its unique positioning has established Aha! Zindagi as a best-in-class product in this genre
    • Bal Bhaskar is a fortnightly Hindi and Gujarati children’s magazines, which comprises interactive and customised editorial content, with a focus on entertainment, education and activities for children. A warm and welcoming brand, this magazine has etched a place for itself in the hearts of children
    • Young Bhaskar is a fortnightly English children’s magazine that encourages an attitude of learning and exploration through entertainment, cartoons, puzzles, stories and other engaging content for children. The unique content combines education and fun seamlessly, offering children a sharp and holistic learning experience

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